Ayckbourn Youtube Channel Launch

To mark Alan Ayckbourn’s 82nd birthday today, I’ve launched a new venture – the Alan Ayckbourn YouTube channel – as well as relaunching my own professional website.

Alan Ayckbourn: The Official Website Channel aims to present new videos about Alan Ayckbourn, his life and his career as well as collating useful existing videos pin Youtube such as interviews with the playwright.

For its launch, I’ve filmed a piece called ‘Who is Alan Ayckbourn’ looking at his many achievements in there over the years and explaining the many varied aspects of his career. You can find the video here where you can also find the curated section of interviews with Alan Ayckbourn.

Simon Murgatroyd (© Mo Murgatroyd)

The channel will also have news pieces reporting on the latest news and developments pertaining to Alan Ayckbourn and his plays – watch this space or the channel for further details.

To accompany them, I’ve also relaunched my personal website, http://archiving.alanayckbourn.net in which you can find out details about my work as Alan Ayckbourn’s Archivist and professional writer as well as my other roles such as Stephen Joseph Theatre Archivist and speaker.

With the prospect of theatres re-opening in the UK in the imminent future, I’m looking forward to returning to theatres and resuming all the work and research which hasn’t been possible over the past year.

The website offers a guide to my work as Alan Ayckbourn’s Archivist as well as looking into my role in creating and administering Alan Ayckbourn’s website as well as covering my professional writing, public speaking and my role as Archivist for the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

I hope you visit both the Youtube Channel and my own professional website and if you have any enquiries about either, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: admin@alanayckbourn.net.

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