Ayckbourn InSights: The Norman Conquests

Have you ever wondered what inspired Alan Ayckbourn to write his fame trilogy of plays, The Norman Conquests?

The latest Ayckbourn InSights video on the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel has the answer – and, as is frequently the case with Alan Ayckbourn – it’s probably not what you would imagine.

Find out how a misjudged comment became one of the most highly-regarded theatrical works of the ’70s and the latter half of the 20th century in this video, researched and presented by Alan Ayckbourn’s Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd. Ayckbourn InSights: What Inspired Alan Ayckbourn to Write The Norman Conquests can be found here on the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel.

And if you enjoy this video, there’s an insight into why Alan chose the strange title Absurd Person Singular for another of his most famous works by clicking here.

And please, if you enjoy these or any of the videos on the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribe.

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