SpotLight on Ayckbourn – A Chorus of Disapproval (part 1)

Alan Ayckbourn’s hugely popular play A Chorus of Disapproval is the subject of the latest SpotLight on Ayckbourn video going behind the scenes of its creation.

The playwright’s Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, delves into the archive to take a fascinating glimpse into the conception and writing of the popular 1984 piece.

Conceived as an entirely different play, see how the playwright’s initial ambitions were thwarted by amateur auditions, acting unions and irate estates. This led to the play being reinvented – for the better – into the play we know today.

The video also explores how the original staging in Scarborough was unique and unlike any subsequent production of the play, thanks to material held in the Ayckbourn Archive at the Northwick Institute for Archives at the University of York.

This is part 1 of a three-part series which will go on to look at A Chorus of Disapproval‘s journey into the West End and its notorious film adaptation, which the playwright keeps a distance from.

SpotLight on Ayckbourn – A Chorus of Disapproval (part 1) can be found on the Ayckbourn YouTUbe Channel by clicking here. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you’ve enjoyed this or any of the videos.

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