The Alan Ayckbourn Podcast Channel Launch

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Ayckbourn Podcast Channel on Apple Podcasts today.

Whilst previously, podcasts have been launched on this blog and available from Apple, as from today, I’m migrating all the podcasts over to the Ayckbourn Channel where you’ll be able to hear exclusive new material as well as adaptations of existing material from the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel.

The launch kicks off with Just Between Ourselves, an informal and informative original podcast with myself, Simon Murgatroyd, which news, views and interviews. The July edition kicks off with Alan’s latest play, Family Album, as well as looking at his lost 2020 play Truth Will Out alongside a look at the Roy Clarke radio thrillers he directed in the ’60s and the launch of my new book, Unseen Ayckbourn: 2022 Edition.

There’s exclusive interviews with Alan about both Family Album and Truth Will Out and Just Between Ourselves will be a semi-regular podcast exclusive on the channel.

Future exclusives will include a recording of my talk on the 50th anniversary of Absurd Person Singular at the Stephen Joseph Theatre on 26 June as well as bonus podcasts to accompany the SpotLight on Ayckbourn YouTube / Podcast series.

You can find the Ayckbourn Podcast Channel by clicking here and the first of the Just Between Ourselves podcasts is available here.

This won’t affect the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel where I’ll still be creating regular original content alongside the Podcasts.

I’m also hoping to announce some very exciting news for Ayckbourn fans regarding the podcasts very soon. Please support the podcast by subscribing to the channel.

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