Bonus Supernatural Podcast

Last week, the SpotLight on Ayckbourn video took a terrifying turn as we looked at the playwright’s supernatural plays.

What The Devil! poster

To accompany the video a bonus podcast episode has now been released on Apple Podcasts and WordPress with a rarely heard piece of Ayckbourn ephemera.

The video refers to one of Alan Ayckbourn’s earliest forays into the supernatural with a song called The Ghost of ‘Enry Albert Murgatroyd written for the revue What The Devil! For the bonus podcast, Alan Ayckbourn has given permission for the first airing of it since 1975.

Appropriately, it’s delivered by his Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd. One Murgatroyd telling the story of another! You can find The Ghost of ‘Enry Albert Murgatroyd on Apple Podcasts here or in the player below. The original SpotLight on Ayckbourn video – also available below – is also now available as an Apple Podcast by clicking here.

SpotLight on Ayckbourn Bonus Episode: The Ghost of ‘Enry Albert Murgatroyd

Watch the original SpotLight on Ayckbourn: The Supernatural Plays by clicking on the image below.

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