Review of Unseen Ayckbourn

The Yorkshire Times has reviewed Unseen Ayckbourn: 2022 Edition written by the playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s archivist, Simon Murgatroyd.

The extremely positive review by Andrew Liddle – which can be found here – notes: “Both a scholarly work of reference and something ideal for dipping into, it affords precious insights into the working practices of a colossus of the theatre whose mind is endlessly teeming with ideas for new works. But it reveals much more than a creative genius throwing off plays to order at a blinding pace. Instead, we find a perfectionist, never easily satisfied with what he’s written, always looking to improve and push the boundaries.”

The book, published this summer, is a completely revised and updated edition of Unseen Ayckbourn, which looks into the unpublished, unwritten and withdrawn plays of Alan Ayckbourn from his very earliest work at nine years old to his very latest plays.

The 2022 edition has a significant number of additional entires pertaining to the many plays written by the playwright during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 / 2021, only several of which have been produced on stage.

The review praises the book and the author, also saying: “This beautifully written book, by his dedicated archivist Simon Murgatroyd, a noted authority on all things Ayckbourn, seems certain to be a primary source for future biographers and historians of theatre.” The full review can be found here.

Unseen Ayckbourn: 2022 Edition is written by Simon Murgatroyd M.A. and is priced at £15 and available from on line booksellers such as Amazon (UK) and Barnes & Noble (USA).

Signed copies which include both a signed copy of the softback book as well as an ebook and P&P (UK orders only) are also available for £15 directly from the author by ordering from his website by clicking here.

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