Launching on Instagram

There’s now an official Alan Ayckbourn Instagram account to join the other official Ayckbourn social media.

The account just launched @ayckbourn_playwright and is curated by the playwright’s archivist Simon Murgatroyd. It’ll feature material connected to both Alan Ayckbourn as well as Simon’s job as Archivist for the Ayckbourn Archive.

Instagram joins the other official Ayckbourn social media – and was not at all prompted by the issues surrounding Twitter…

So here are all the official ways you can find news about Alan Ayckbourn, his plays, upcoming events and other ephemera.

Alan Ayckbourn’s Official Website: The original and still the first stop for news and information

YouTube: The Ayckbourn YouTube Channel with videos and podcasts relating to the playwright @AlanAyckbournPlaywright.

WordPress: You’re reading it… archivingayckbourn.

Instagram: Newly launched and with not much content, but more coming soon @ayckbourn_playwright.

Apple Podcasts: The Ayckbourn Podcast Channel (podcasts also available here) Alan Ayckbourn

Twitter: There are two official twitter accounts (at least there are at the moment, might be less soon!) @Ayckbourn and @ArchivingAlanA.

The Archivist’s Website: If you want to find out news about the playwright’s Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, then head to

That’s all the official social media and online presence for Alan Ayckbourn – if you see anything else, it’s not official and it’s not recognised by the playwright.

And just to clarify, Alan Ayckbourn himself doesn’t do social media, it’s all officially handled by his archivist Simon Murgatroyd.

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